Our number one priority is the safety of our staff, customers and their pets. We have always followed the industry/government guidelines.

All our staff will be wearing full PPE and the salon will be fully disinfected between each pet/customer visit.

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic the way in which we work and groom your pets has changed dramatically. Please understand that our service at this time may not seem to the same super friendly fun service we usually offer your pets. Unfortunately, we must wear lots of scary PPE and are not allowed to cuddle/kiss your pets until we have washed the ‘potential’ virus from their fur. We also must keep 2 metres away from customers and must keep your time in our salon to a minimum so conversation will be limited. We understand this may make customers and pets feel uncomfortable and we are very apologetic for this, please keep a happy positive attitude in front of your pets so they do not become too nervous of the situation. Hopefully, it will not be too long before it is safe to go back to our original spa like 5-star service we have been so proud to provide your pets. These are in place to keep staff, customers, and pets safe from the virus. By booking an appointment you are agreeing to these rules and having your pet groomed is at your own risk.

  1. WE WILL NOT TOLERATE VOLATILE BEHAVIOUR, AGGRESSIVENESS, FORCEFUL DEMANDS OF ANY KIND OR PHYSICAL/VERBAL ABUSE INCLUDING SWEARING OR INTIMIDATION TO ANY OF OUR STAFF. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone displaying this behaviour, all future appointments will be cancelled and you will be banned from our salon.

  2.  We ask for your understanding that we are doing our best during these difficult circumstances. If customers have any issues, concerns or questions please contact us BEFORE your appointment. If you are confused by anything in our policy we would be more than happy to explain for you.

  3. If you or anybody in your household is showing symptoms of the coronavirus then you MUST rearrange your appointment. Please DO NOT enter our salon and give us as much notice as possible to cancel.

  4. Anybody self-isolating or vulnerable (elderly, or high-risk health issues etc) must not attend a grooming appointment. If you are a regular customer and still need your pet groomed, please have someone else drop/collect your pet at our salon.

  5. Please do not visit our salon for any other reason but to drop/collect for an appointment. To make a new appointment or for any other enquiries please contact us via phone, email or Facebook messenger.

  6. Only one customer allowed in the salon at one time, please do not drop off your pets in couples/families/groups etc.

  7. Customers must only bring the pet/pets that are booked in for the appointment, no additional pets will be allowed to stay with us. We do not and have not ever offered a daycare service.

  8. On arrival customers must practice good hygiene to limit cross contamination. Please use the hand sanitizer provided and please try not to handle/touch anything that you do not need to.

  9. You MUST drop off/collect your pets at the CORRECT time. Please do not bring your pets early or late as this will heavily affect our strict schedule and will hinder our attempts to offer a safe service. Any pets arriving late may have to be rescheduled and we will expect the full grooming fee to cover loss of earnings.

  10. Please remove all harnesses/leads etc and take these with you, Please remember to bring them to the shop with you again when you collect your dog as we do not have spare that you can use.

  11. As always you MUST be contactable during your pet’s groom. 

  12. Before your pet goes home, they will be misted with a pet safe non-toxic, non-irritant, antiviral spray. This is to protect our customers health. However, it must be understood that in the unlikely event your pet does have a reaction to this we cannot be held responsible/liable as we are trying our best to prevent the spread of COVID19.

  13. We still require 24 hours notice for cancelled appointments. Normally we would only expect a deposit to rebook your appointment, however during coronavirus we will be grooming less pets and appointments will be extremely limited. Because of this, if you do not show up for your appointment or cancel with less than 24 hours notice we will still expect full payment for the appointment to cover loss of earnings.

  14. Uncollected dogs will be charged a £10 extra sitting fee per every 15 minutes. This is on top of their normal groom charge. This is because picking your pet up late means we cannot socially distance so the next customers appointment may have to be postponed or even cancelled!

  15. In the unfortunate event that one of our staff members falls ill with symptoms of the coronavirus we may have to cancel/postpone your appointment until further notice, maybe last minute. During this unprecedented time, you may not always get the specific groomer you prefer.