Call and Care

Do you need somebody to call in and check on your pets?

Do you have pets, but live on your own?  Are you going back to work after lock down, Or have a busy life and work long hours?  Would you feel reassured from having a visit from a professional service to help care for your pet.

Look no further, suds and sparkle are pleased to offer a range of call and care services to suit your animals needs.

Call in and spend half an hour with your pet this includes cuddle, play and feed time £10.00

Call , Care and  Chat Package, (1 Hour) Make a brew,chat with the owner , also included either a dog walk, or a litter tray change, or pet brushed. £10.00 

Call in, check pet and feed, 20 minutes £7.00
Or Call and cuddle, 20 minutes £7.00

Call and feed £5.00 

Call and check pet, change litter tray £6.00 if Suds and Sparkle does not supply substrate.

£10.00 if Suds and Sparkle supplies substrate.

If you would like to enquire further, then please do not hesitate to contact us using the form below, or the contact details at the top of this page.